Von Gal SPLX II High Level Case Palletizer

Manufacturer: Von Gal
Model: SPLX II 40×48 LH SEPD
Serial: 3586
Last Use: Food Plant
Condition: Very Good
Dimensions: 23 x 12 x 17 Tall

Product Inquire


Last used at a Food Manufacturing Plant seasonally (4-5 months of the year)
New in 2010
Category 2 Safety Upgrades
Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC with PowerFlex 40 VFD Drives
102 Inch Stack Height
Last running 40″ x 48″ Pallets
Speeds up to 30-35 cases/minute (depending on case sizes/speeds)
Bottom tie sheet inserter to place on pallet before first layer
Product slip sheet inserter to place in between each layer
Pallet Dispenser
Discharge Light Curtains
Infeed Metering Conveyor at 11 Foot Infeed Height
460 Volts, 3PH, 60HZ

Download PDF Layout Spec Sheet