White Cap Silgan Inline Steam Lug Capper for Metal Caps

Item Type: Capper
Manufacturer: White Cap / Silgan
Model: WC 600
Serial: WC 600-0027
Year: 2010
Last Use: Beverage Co-Packer Hot Fill
Dimensions: 10 x 4 x 8

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Fully automatic steam vacuum sealing capper capable of speeds up to 700 jars per minute for caps (38mm – 110mm) diameter and bottle sizes (1.5″ – 6 1/4″) diameter by (1 1/4″ – 11 3/4″) tall. Last running a 38mm lug cap on glass jars, Features a waterfall magnetic capper hopper. Will run Twist Off Lug Style Closures, RTO Caps, and Press On Twist Off Caps, Machine displaces the container’s headspace air with steam producing vacuum efficiencies up to 26 inches Hg. Machine will run various caps for Food and Beverage – Baby Food, BBQ, Hot Fill Juice, Gravy, Pickles, etc, Still supported by Silgan Closures today with service and change parts, New 2010