Walker 300 Gallon Chopper Tank for Frozen Juice Concentrate Blocks

Item Type: Chppper Tank
Manufacturer: Walker
Model: 300 Gallon Chopper Tank
Serial: SPG-38812
Last Use: Juice/Aseptic Facility
Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 11
Condition: Very Good

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Tank is designed to chop concentrate blocks of frozen juice using special agitation inside tank along with steam jacket heating of the vessel, 48″ Diameter x 84″ Straight Side x 126″ overall height to top of motor, 304 Stainless Steel throughout, Heat Transfer Jacket in side of tank to 338ºF and 100 PSI, 20″ manhole, In Chute Area on side of tank with lower blending turbine agitator, CIP Sprayball, Nord 5HP Motor at 1725 RPM – 230/460 Volts

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