Van Pak High Level Bulk Depalletizer

Item Type: Bulk Depalletizer
Manufacturer: Van Pak
Model: 8500
Serial: 8558
Last Use: 1 Gallon HDPE Bottles
Condition: Very Good

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High Level Discharge, 17 Feet Infeed Staging Conveyor for Full Pallets at 13 inches Height, 15 Foot Long Discharge Bed at 11 Feet 6 Inch Discharge Height, Empty Pallet Stacker for 44 x 56 Incoming Pallets, Electrical Panel with Allen Bradley SLC 5/05 PLC, Automatic Slip Sheet Removal, Operator Panelview 600 Touchscreen, Allen Bradley PowerFlex 40 and 525 VFD Drives, 460 Volts, Last in Operation December 30, 2023