SMI SK450T Tray Packer, Shrink Wrapper and Heat Tunnel

Item Type: Tray Packer, Shrink Wrapper, Heat Tunnel
Manufacturer: SMI
Model: SK 450T
Last Use: PET Water Bottles in Tray and Film Only
Dimensions: 60 feet long x 7 feet wide x 8 feet tall

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Machine will make the tray, pack the tray and wrap the tray with film, Also runs Pad with Film, 6 Lane wide infeed conveyor for large format packages, last ran 8oz, 16.9oz, 20oz, 1L, 1.5L, 2L PET Water Bottles in configurations of 6 packs, 12 packs and 24 packs, Flexible Machine to run Multiple configurations, Nordson Glue System, Speeds up to 40 Cycles per Minute, 460 Volts, Runs clear or print registered film