SMI Model LSK 30T Packer for Tray+Film, Pad+Film

Item Type: Tray Packer
Manufacturer: SMI
Model: LSK 30T
Year: 2003
Last Use: Juice Bottles in Tray
Dimensions: 30 feet long x 7 feet wide x 8 feet tall

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Machine will make the tray, pack the tray and wrap the tray with film, Also runs Pads with Film, last ran 12 and 24 packs of small juice bottles in tray or (4) 6 Packs in a tray, Good Condition – last running October 2016, Flexible Machine to run Multiple configurations, Nordson Glue System, Speeds up to 30 Cycles per Minute, Compact Unit – Takes up Little Floorspace, Very Good Condition, 460 Volts, Runs clear or print registered film