SMI BP800 Bundler Shrink Packer

Item Type: Bundler Shrink Wrapper
Manufacturer: SMI
Model Number: BP800
Serial Number: 39012
Year: 2014
Dimensions: 9 Feet Long x 4 Feet Wide

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The new series of monoblock semi-automatic and automatic shrinkwrappers with sealing bar etaPack are extremely versatile: they can pack various products, such as glass and PET bottles, cans, boxes, trays, jars, cartons of different sizes in a wide range of pack collations. They can be used in several industry segments, such as beverages, food, chemicals, wine and spirits, cosmetics, detergents, wood, textile, graphic etc. The etaPack series allows SMIPACK to meet a wide variety of customers demands and to ensure a very good quality/price ratio

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