Sleeve Seal SSL 450 Automatic Sleeve Labeler with Steam Tunnel

Manufacturer: Sleeve Seal
Model: SSL 450
Last Use: Juice Bottling Plant
Condition: Good
Dimensions: 6 feet wide x 10 feet long x 8 feet tall

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Bottle Sizes from 25mm to 128mm Diameter
Label Length from 25mm to 300mm
Label Thickness from 40mm to 80mm
Label Materials – PVC, OPS, PET
Speeds up to 450 Containers per Minute

(2) label reels, all stainless construction, Includes approx 14 foot long steam tunnel, 6 angle adjust nozzles, product sensor, timing /infeed screw, (2) top mount air blower/exhaust, change parts including timing screw and preheater parts as shown, Allen Bradley CompactLogix L43 PLC, Allen Bradley Power Flex 4 VFD Drives, Allen Bradley Kinetix 6000 Servo Drives, 460 volts, 3ph, 60 amps

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