Silverson FlashBlend High Shear Powder Mixer

Item Type: Blending System
Manufacturer: Silverson
Model Number: Flashblend 60
Serial Number: FLB 60 – 190
Last Use: Powders – Beverage Plant
Dimensions: 6 Feet Long x 3 Feet Wide x 7 Feet Tall

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Dispersing powders into liquids and creating a consistent homogeneous product, time after time, is one of the most difficult of all mixing applications. To satisfy this need Silverson has developed the Flashblend, a high shear system for rapid incorporation of a wide range of powders, including problematic gums and thickeners. The Flashblend is designed to incorporate powders on a continuous and semi-continuous basis at rates of up to 30,000 lbs/hour. The system can handle a wide range of viscosities, from low viscosity products through to viscous gels.

•Suitable for large scale production
•Agglomerate-free product
•Minimum aeration
•Improve vessel hygiene
•Viscous liquids can be incorporated into the bulk liquid via the hopper. Liquid additives can also be pumped directly into the venturi.

The Silverson Flashblend is ideal for rapidly incorporating large volumes of powders, even problematic ones such as gums and thickeners, on a continuous and semi continuous basis, at rates of up to 15,000 kgs/hour.

The semi-automated system can be specified for Ultra-Hygienic applications and can be custom built to suit clients’ specific requirements.