Sig Sidel Alfa Roll Quattro F35 High Speed Roll Fed Labeler

Item Type: Bottle Labeler
Manufacturer: Sig Sidel
Model: Alfa Roll Quattro F35
Serial: 2628
Year: 2003
Last Use: 20oz., .5L, 24oz, 12oz. PET Bottles
Size: 15 x 10 x 9

Product Inquire


Parallel Machine, Rotary 35 Station Roll Fed Labeler, Stainless Steel Guarding, Last running 500mL PET Bottle at 500 Bottles/Minute, Dual Label Unwind Stations, Includes 3 Door Stainless Steel Control Panel with upgraded Allen Bradley Servo Logix 5572 PLC, Allen Bradley Kinetix 6000 Servo Drives, Allen Bradley 1336 VFD Drives, Allen Bradley Panelview Plus 700 Operator Touchscreen, Counter Clockwise Rotation, Air Pressurization Feature to pressurize empty bottle during labeling, Change Parts Cart for 20oz. PET, 24oz. PET, 1L PET Bottles, Manuals Inside Control Panel, In Production up to November 2020