Sig Corpoplast Blomax 18 Blowmolder

Item Type: Blowmolder
Manufacturer: Sig Corpoplast
Model: Blomax 18
Serial: 38-217
Year: 2007
Capacity: 27,000 Bottles/Hour
Last Use: Carbonated Soft Drinks
Dimensions: 20 x 10 x 10
Condition: Very Good

Product Inquire


18 Cavity Rotary Blowmolder, Linear Pre-Heat Tunnel, Includes Preform Orienter System with Bulk Hopper to feed preforms into blow molder, Very Well Maintained with Proper Rebuilds and PM’s, In Operation till January 1, 2023, Blow molder includes Control Panel, HMI Touchscreen for Operator, Last ran 450 Bottles/Minute on 24oz PET Bottles and 200 BPM on 2L PET Bottles, 380 BPM on 1L PET Bottles with 38mm necks