SFI 3,000 Gallon Insulated Storage Tank

Item Type: Stainless Steel Tanks
Manufacturer: Sanitary Fabricators
Model Number: 3000 Gallon
Serial Number: 4378-5 and 5133
Year: 2001
Last Use: Yogurt
Condition: Excellent
Dimensions: 108″ diameter x 156″ tall

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Made by Sanitary Fabricators, Insulated Fermentation Tanks, Last used in Yogurt Plant, Multiple Inlets on Top of Tank, Cone Bottom with S/S legs, Top Manway opening of 18″, Projectile Well for RTD and Thermometer, #4 Finish, CIP Sprayball, 3″ Chloride and Asbestos Free Fiberglass Insulation, 108″ Diameter x 156″ Height, Excellent Condition

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