Sacmi 24 Station Opera Wraparound Roll Fed Glue Labeler

Item Type: Bottle Labeler
Manufacturer: Sacmi
Model: Opera 24T/SR2/3/360 S1 E1
Year: 2007
Last Use: PET Bottles
Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 10

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Built in 2007, Roll Fed Wraparound Labeler for PET Bottles, Last running .5L PET Bottles at 400 BPM, Carousel Diameter – 960mm, Machine Pitch – 125.66mm, 24 Labeling Stations, Container Min/Max Diameter – 60 to 110mm, Container Min/Max Height – 150 to 370mm, Label Length Min/Max – 200 to 360mm, Label Height Min/Max – 30 to 175mm, 460 Volts, 3PH, 60HZ, Max up to 500 Bottles/Minute, Infeed Timing Screw Machine, Operator Touchscreen Controls, Setup in U-Shaped Configuration