Ryson Spiral Case Elevator Conveyor

Item Type: Case Conveyor
Manufacturer: Ryson
Model: 1800-650-C1-2
Serial#: 04612-1 (First Machine) and 04612-2 (Second Machine)
Year: 2003
Last Use: Distribution Plant
Dimensions: 96″ Diameter x 130″ Tall

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Infeed is 30″ – Discharge is 150″, Elevation Change 120″, 25 1/2″ wide belt, Elevates Clockwise, 2.5 Turns, 460 Volts, 2HP Drive Motor, Infeeds and returns in the same direction – see drawing below, Spiral has brake motor, Speed is 75 Feet per Minute, Last used in a dry distribution plant, Condition – Excellent, Two Identical Units available

Download PDF Layout Drawings