Perrier 24 Station Rotary Rinser for Glass or PET Bottles

Item Type: Rotary Rinser
Manufacturer: Perrier
Model: 24 Heads
Serial: 1345
Last Use: 2L PET Bottles
Dimensions: 6 feet long x 5 feet wide x 5 feet tall

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Setup for Water Rinsing, Stainless Steel Construction, Small compact machine, Flips bottles upside down to rinse with water and then turns back upright, Infeed timing screw, 4 1/2″ Center to Center on nozzles, Control Panel included, Last running 2L PET Bottles at 50 BPM, Maximum Speed around 100 BPM, Will run with PET or Glass Bottles

The maximum bottle diameter is approximately 119 mm
Minimum Height 98 mm
Maximum Height 298 mm

Download PDF Drawing