Pearson R225 Tablock Tape Case Erector

Item Type: Case Erector
Manufacturer: Pearson
Model: 225-T
Serial: 2010022512380
Year: 2010
Last Use: Food
Dimensions: 20x6x8
Condition: Good

Product Inquire


Unit was purchased new in 2010, Makes RSC or Tablock Cases, Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1500 PLC with Operator Panelview 300 Touchscreen , Horizontal Infeed Blank Hopper, Dekka Tape Head, Makes cases from 7.25 inches to 23.50 inches in length, 5.00 inches to 16.00 inches in width, 5.00 inches to 21.00 inches in depth, adjustable machine, 460 Voltage, 60HZ, 3PH, Last operated July 2018

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