Pearson CE-35 Hot Melt Glue Case Erector

Item Type: Case Erector
Manufacturer: Pearson
Model: CE-35G
Year: 2007
Last Use: Soft Drink
Dimensions: 16x6x6
Condition: Very Good

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Unit was purchased new in 2007, Utilizes Glue to Seal Boxes, Speeds 10-30 cases per minute (depending on case size), Nordson ProBlue 10 Glue System, Allen Bradley MicroLogix PLC with Panelview Operator Touch Screen, Vertical Case Magazine, Makes cases from 8.75 inches to 23.50 inches in length, 5.00 inches to 16.00 inches in width, 3.50 inches to 16.50 inches in depth, adjustable machine, 230/460 Voltage, 60HZ, 3PH