PackLeader PL 501 Pressure Sensitive Labeler – Year 2018

Item Type: Bottle Labeler
Manufacturer: PackLeader
Model: PL 501
Serial: 00112PL501D0010609
Year: 2018
Last Use: 12oz Glass Bottles
Dimensions: 9 x 5 x 4

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Flexible design
The PL-501 is designed to apply pressure-sensitive labels to round containers. And, with just a tap of its one-touch screen, you can easily adjust the settings to apply labels to one side of flat-surfaced containers. The machine’s speed adjusts according to your container’s surface.

Simple to use
Machine adjustments and changeovers are quick and simple, thanks to the PL-501’s easy-to-operate features. The built-in operating instructions, memory preset and troubleshooting guide offered on the operator interface make it easy to use the PL-501. Hand wheels provide for simple adjustments, enable quick set-up and easy changeover.

Easy to maintain
The PL-501 is made of 304 stainless steel and anodized aluminum and carefully treated to guard against the effects of harsher environments. This durability translates into a solid choice for labeling machine longevity. In strict compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards, the PL-501 is dependable, reliable and easy to maintain.

Label Types – Wrap Around or One Side Apply Optional
Maximum Dispensing Speed : 131.2’/min (40m/min)
Maximum Conveyor Speed : 72.2’/min (22m/min) *optional customization

Dimensions L-W-H : 79” x 40” x 41” (2006mm x 1016mm x 1041mm)
Maximum Label Size : 6” x 11.8” (152mm x 300mm)
Maximum Container Width : 4” (101mm) *6” (152mm) Optional
Conveyor Width : 3.25” (82.55mm)
Conveyor Height : 31.75-47.75” (806-1213mm)
Spool Diameter : 14” (356mm)
Inner Core : 3” (76mm)
Power Voltage : 110/220 VAC 50/60 HZ 1 Phase
Power in KW : .700
Drive : Stepper Motor
Net Weight
Approx 330 lbs (150 kgs)

Delta Color Touch Screen

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