Optimum Filter 100 GPM Stainless Steel Carbon Filter Tanks

Item Type: Stainless Steel Carbon Tank
Manufacturer: Optimum Filter
Model: 60 x 96
Serial: 07-663-1 and 07-663-2
Year: 2008
Last Use: Filtering Water at Food Plant
Dimensions: 60″ Diameter x 96″ Sidewall

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Constructed with 316 Stainless Steel, Manifold Piping Included, Last used as a carbon filter for water treatment at Food Facility, Rated for 100 Gallons/Minute, 180 Cubic Feet of Carbon, Removes chlorine from incoming water supply during treatment process, Tank is 60 inches diameter x 96 inches sidewall, Bottom Discharge, Utilizes steam to CIP the inside carbon media, Max Pressure of 100 PSI at 230ºF

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