Moen PF-106 HLV Bliss Case Erector Box Former

Item Type: Case Erector
Manufacturer: Moen
Model: PF-106HLV
Serial: 1878
Year: 2006
Last Use: Beverages
Dimensions: 16 feet long x 8 feet wide x 9 feet tall

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Made in 2006 – Good Condition, Last ran production April 2022, Forms a 2 piece H Bliss Divider Box, Dual Magazine Infeeds for Blank Cases, Allen Bradley Control SLC 5/04 PLC with Operator Touchscreen, Moen Hot Melt Glue System, Well Built Rugged Design, Speeds up to 25 cases/minute (depending on size/type), Last running 6 Packs of HDPE Gallon Water Bottles, Box Lengths from 9″ min to 25″ max, Box Width from 8″ min to 25″ max, Box Depth from 4″ min to 16″ max, Great for Heavy Packages and Containers

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