Miura LX-300 Steam Boiler – Year 2013

Item Type: Steam Boiler
Manufacturer: Miura
Model: LX-300
Serial: 48S413079U
Year: 2013
Last Use: Hot Fill Bottling Plant
Dimensions: 12 x 4 x 10 tall

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Installed new in 2013, Last used in Food Processing Plant for Plant Steam Requirements

300 Horsepower, Maximum 10,350 Pounds/Hour Steam Capacity, Maximum Working Pressure – 170 PSIG, Heat Output – 12,400,000 BTU per Hour, 85% Fuel to Steam Efficiency, 611 Heating Surface Area, Weight is 10,600 Pounds, Design Temperature 400ºF, Combustion is Proprietary Forced Draft, Step Fired Modulation Hi-Low-Off, Electric Spark Ignited, 460 Volts, 3Phase, 60HZ, Electrical Consumption of 24KVA, Fuel Type is Natural Gas or Propane, Main Steam Outlet Valve is 4 inches, Ultraviolet Flame Eye Sensor, Adjustable Pressure Transducer and Switch, Good Condition, Last in Operation 2020

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