Liqui-Box Model 1500 CITW ESL Bag in Box Filler

Item Type: Bag in Box Filler
Manufacturer: Liqui-Box
Model: 1500-CITW ESL Pacesetter
Serial: 15037 and 15030
Last Use: Dairy
Dimensions: 6x3x7
Condition: Good

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Last running extended shelf life Dairy Mix at ESL Plant, Last used April 2018, Allen Bradley PLC and Touchscreen Controls, Last running 5 gallon bags, Web Fed Machine – Completely automatic, 30 Minute Change-Overs, Will run different sized bags from 1 Gallon to 5 Gallon, Speeds of 5 Gallon up to 7-9 Bags/Minute, Small design and floorspace, Excellent for Dairy, Soft Drink, Food, Wine, Beverage, Coffee and Tea Applications

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