Krones Model Pressant High Level Bulk Bottle Depalletizer – Year 2016

Item Type: Bulk Depalletizer
Manufacturer: Krones
Model: Pressant Universal 1A
Serial: KR74537
Year: 2016
Last Use: PET Bottles
Dimensions: 55 Feet Long x 8 Feet Wide x 12 Feet Tall
Condition: Excellent

Product Inquire


All Electric Machine, Fully Automatic with Tier Sheet Removal, 20 Feet of Infeed Empty Pallet Conveyor, Right to Left Flow from Operator Position, Setup for 44×56 incoming pallets, Last ran 2L PET Bottles, Will Run PET or Aluminum Cans, Will run up to 1000 Bottles/Minute or slower, 480 Volts, 3PH, 60HZ, Elevation Height of accumulation bed is 13 feet 6 Inches, Discharge Accumulation Bed is 20 feet long, Pallet Conveyor Infeed top of chain elevation is 18 inches, Maximum load height is 110 inches, 3,000 Pound Hoist Capacity with Elevator Lift Hoist, Load Squaring Doors and Expanding Shrouds included, Pallet Stacker included, Motor Control Panel with VFD Drives, Krones Pressure Less Single Filer Combiner is also available at extra cost, Removal Due to Purchase of Blowmolders, Last ran 2022, Safety Fencing for Protection of Operators