Krones Contiform S-16 Cavity Rotary Blowmolder for PET Bottles

Item Type: Blowmolder
Manufacturer: Krones
Model: S-16
Serial: 786-005
Year: 2002
Capacity: 24,000 Bottles/Hour
Last Use: Bottled Water
Dimensions: 20x10x10
Condition: Good

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16 Cavity Rotary Blowmolder, Linear Pre-Heat Tunnel, Includes M. Tanner AG Preform Orienter System with Bulk Hopper to feed preforms into blow molder – Model VZT-3000 with stainless steel dump hopper, feed rail with roller sorter, auto end kicker dumper. Blow molder includes Control Panel with Transformer, I-Panel HMI Touchscreen for Operator, Last ran 24000 Bottles/Hour on .5L PET Bottles with 26.7mm caps, Blowmolder will run up to 3L size bottle, Last ran 10oz. up to 1.5L

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