Kisters KHS Model 320/70 Wraparound Case Packer

Item Type: Wraparound Case Packer
Manufacturer: Kisters KHS
Model: 320/70
Serial: 2261
Year: 2001
Last Use: Food Bottling Plant
Dimensions: 40 Feet long x 7 feet wide x 7 feet tall

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Left Hand Machine, 480 Volts, 47 Inch Elevation, Nordson ProBlue 15 Glue Unit, Last packing 24oz, 28oz, 32oz, 40oz, 50oz. PET Bottles in 4×3 (12 packs) at 55 Cases/Minute, Extended Infeed Magazine for Blank Cases, Infeed Laning Section, Continuous Motion Machine, Safety guarding, Operator Touchscreen Controls, Servo Motors, Rated to 70 Cases/Minute (depending on bottle/case size)
In Production up to February 2019

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