Kayat KHS TS-1000 Double Stacker Conveyor

Item Type: Stacker Conveyor
Manufacturer: Kayat KHS
Model: TS-1000
Serial: 155-07
Year: 2007
Last Use: Soft Drinks
Dimensions: 8x5x8

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Heavy Duty Tray Stacker offers speeds of up to 60 trays per minute, producing 30 double stacked cases or trays per minute. Maximum Double Stacked Height cannot exceed 13 inches. This can also be used as a straight conveyor when stacking is not required. Operator Changeover is 10 minutes. Mounted on Casters for Easy Portability, Control Panel with Allen Bradley Compactlogix PLC and VFD Controls, Allen Bradley Panelview Plus 400 Operator Touchscreen, Last double stacking 8oz. cans – 24 packs, 460 Volts, 3PH

Download PDF Layout Drawing