I&H 10 x 43 Stainless Steel Cooling Tunnel (Upgraded in 2014)

Item Type: Cooling Tunnel
Manufacturer: I&H
Model: 10 x 43
Serial: 72938
Last Use: Hot Fill Bottling
Condition: Good
Dimensions: 45x12x8 (overall)

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Stainless Steel Construction, Plastic Intralox Belt measures 10 feet wide x 43 feet long, includes Centrifugal pumps, Air Knife on Discharge, Infeed and Discharge Conveyors, air knife discharge blower, last ran 1L PET Bottles, 64oz. HDPE, 128oz. HDPE Bottles, Stainless Steel Control Panel with Allen Bradley Servo Logix 5571 PLC with Allen Bradley 525 VFD Drives, Installed in 2014

The Cooler operation consists of filled sealed product containers passing through a series of cooling zones. The control system uses a PanelView 1000 color screen interfaced with an Allen-Bradley PLC. Tunnel-CLX L71, PV+6 1000 C. Tower-Compact L16ER, PV+ 6 600C to control pumps, water, and drives for processing of the products

Download PDF Layout Drawing