Hindsight 2020 Camera for Production Lines

Item Type: Inspection Equipment
Manufacturer: Hindsight 2020 CAM
Model: 100A
Serial: 000106
Last Use: Food Facility
Dimensions: 1x1x1
Condition: Good

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Hindsight 2020CAM is a video event capture tool that is used to replay events in
detail and in slow motion. The system continuously records video signals into a video
circular buffer and displays the contents of the buffer while recording is in progress.
When an event happens, the operator views the event in the buffer and can manually
mark the event for archiving. An event video clip can also be made automatically by
an interface to a control system, process upset sensor, or vision analysis system.
Events are stored with the event information for easy review of the event history.

Extreme high-speed applications take advantage of Hindsight 2020CAM’s fast
recording speeds ranging from 125 up to 10,000 frames per second.

Hindsight 2020CAM never stops recording…ever. Video is continuously recorded to
solid state drives in the base of the Hindsight 2020CAM Engine unit.

Ethernet Capability, Power Cables and Computer Station all included