Heuft Spectrum Model HBBVXXXT2 Fill/Label Detector – Year 2017

Item Type: Inspection System
Manufacturer: Heuft
Serial: 2HG069898
Year: 2017
Last Use: Juice Bottling Facility
Dimensions: 4 x 2 x 2 tall

Product Inquire


Spectrum II X-ray last checking overfill, pressure, labels, WLAN, Navi, FER, Ti72 with a Mono rejector.

Last running at a Juice Bottling Facility checking the Following:

Compact and versatile: the HEUFT basic is a control system which checks the fill level, the labels and closures of all types of filled containers among other things. Different equipment variants and measuring technologies make the full container check, manufactured in series production, a real all-rounder which can be adapted exactly to on-site requirements, Control board with multi-segment display, Includes rejector

all the basic functions for a full container check in one compact device
robust operating terminal with clearly designed operating elements
clear multi-segment display for displaying the data relating to the context
construction optimised for independent assembly on site
performance range – up to 72,000 containers per hour
reduction of the false rejection rate during the closure detection up to 0.01%