Fanuc Robot M-4203iA with 30 inch Matte Top Conveyor

Item Type: Robot
Manufacturer: Hartness / Fanuc
Model Number: M-4203iA
Serial Number: H.00049
Year: 2008
Last Use: Beverage
Dimensions: 5 feet wide x 5 feet long x 5 feet tall

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Last used to lane 4 and 6 packs of bundles of PET bottles from a Kisters Bundler to a Kisters Traypacker, Robot would turn and orient packs to feed the tray packer, Rated up to 100 cases/minute, Removed due to packaging change, very good condition, Year 2008, Includes Hartness 30 inch wide matte top conveyor, Includes Stand for Robot, Allen Bradley CompactLogix L32e PLC with PowerFlex VFD Drives, Safety Caging, Includes R-30IA control enclosure