Hartness 825 Stainless Steel Drop Case Packer

Item Type: Case Packer
Manufacturer: Hartness
Model: 825
Serial: 8-695
Last Use: HDPE Bottles
Dimensions: 16x4x8
Condition: Good

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Allen Bradley 5/03 PLC Processor, Lowering Head Machine, Right to Left Bottle Flow from Main Control Panel, Operator Controls, Last running 8oz HDPE Bottles into RSC Cases, Speeds up to 20 cases/minute, 480 Volts, 3 Phase, 60 Hertz, Stainless Steel Frame, 45″ Bottle Chain Elevation, 13.5″ Case Conveyor Elevation, Standard Feed, Includes Grid for 8oz. HDPE Bottles in 24 Packs