GE Osmonics 400 Gallon Minute Ultra Nano Filtration System

Item Type: Ultra/Nano Filtration Water Treatment System
Manufacturer: GE Osmonics
Model: UF/NF Bev 400
Serial: 10-500024A-01
Year: 2010
Last Use: Beverages
Dimensions: 27 Feet Long x 8 feet wide x 11 feet tall

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Stainless Steel Construction
Last used in Major Beverage Processing Plant
Multiple Staged Membranes for Ultra Filtration and Nano Filtration
Specified Permeate Rate of 400 Gallons/Minute
Recovery of 90%
Year 2010 – In Operation up to May 2021
Each Turbidity Meters
Endrauss Hauser Digital Flow Meters
Allen Bradley Logix 5561 PLC with Model 1000 Panelview Operator Touchscreen

Download PDF Layout Drawing