GC Evans 8 x 72 Stainless Steel Cooling Tunnel

Item Type: Cooling Tunnel
Manufacturer: GC Evans
Model: 8 x 72
Serial: 03160652
Year: 2016
Last Use: Glass or PET Bottles
Dimensions: 8 feet wide x 72 feet long

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Stainless Steel Construction, Plastic Intralox 900 Belting, includes Multiple Centrifugal pumps, SEW Drives and Gearboxes, Control panel with Allen Bradley Compact Logix L24ER PLC, Allen Bradley PowerFlex VFD Drives, Air Knife Discharge, last ran Glass Bottles at 650 BPM, 2016 Alfa Laval Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger, Very Good Condition, 480 Volts, 3PH, 60HZ