FT System Arol Model IT700 2VA Cap Inspector

Item Type: Cap Inspection
Manufacturer: Arol FT Systems
Model Number: IT700_2VA
Serial: 12-262
Year: 2012
Last Use: Beverage
Dimensions: 3 feet long x 3 feet wide x 6 feet tall
Condition: Very Good

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The system is designed to ensure the cap inspection with very high precision. The system allows the detection of minimal defects such as the absence or damage of a single jumper junction between safety ring and cap. Includes Multifinger Ejector System. New in 2012 – never used in production. All Stainless Steel Construction. Manuals and Electrical Schematics Included.

• Machine vision technology
• 4 cameras configuration
• Specific lighting for each camera in order to ensure
the ideal condition to perform the defect detection
• Independent structure for eliminating noise and vibration
in order to ensuring maximum accuracy and minimum maintenance

The system allows to perform a complete cap closure inspection:

• Cap inspection
• Missing Caps
• Format correspondance
• Cocked cap

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