Feldmeier 750 Gallon Jacketed Thermomixer Tanks – New 2020 – Never Used

Item Type: Stainless Steel Tanks
Manufacturer: Feldmeier
Size: 750 Gallons
Year: 2020
Last Use: Food
Dimensions: 6 foot diameter x 12 feet tall

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2 Tanks Available – Never Used in Production
Designed to Sit/Mount on a Mezzanine – No Legs Included

The Feldmeier Thermomixer is a CoAxial Dual Motion system combining an outer scraped surface agitator with an inner
pumping turbine agitator. Each agitator has an independent drive which allows the speed of each agitator to be operated independently to optimize the process. The CoAxial configuration allows the use of larger turbines to gently handle delicate particulates in high viscosity fluids. The outer scraper scrapes the wall of the vessel for the highest heat transfer rates. This agitation system is extremely versatile and can handle a wide range of fluids and solids. The agitator is suitable for meat sauces, chili, gels and lotions, fruit fillings and many others.

Jacketed to 300ºF and 150 PSI
60 Square Feet of Sidewall Jacket
18.7 Square Feet of Bottom Jacket

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