Feldmeier 2,000 Gallon Vertical Single Wall Mixing Tank

Item Type: Mixing Tank
Manufacturer: Feldmeier
Model Number: 2000 Gallon
Year: 1999
Last Use: Soft Drink
Dimensions: 6 foot diameter x 14 feet tall (overall with agitator)

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This tank contains some internal pitting, Last used in Soft Drink Processing Facility, Dome Top – Dish Bottom, 18″ Side Manway, 316L Stainless Steel Construction, #4 Finish Inside, 1HP (230/460 Volts) Top Agitation with Multiple Levels of Propellors, CIP Sprayball, Center Discharge on Bottom, Side Mounted Temperature Gauge, Mounted on Load Cells, Stainless Steel Legs, Missing Manway Door on Front

Download PDF Tank Drawing