Federal 36 Valve Gravity Filler with 15 Head Ford’s Press Foil Cap Sealer

Item Type: Filler / Capper
Manufacturer: Federal
Model: 36-15
Serial: 1392SWPX3615R805
Last Use: Juice
Dimensions: 8 x 6 x 7
Condition: Good

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36 Valve Monoblock All S/S Rotary Bottle Filler with Ford’s Press Foil Seal Capper for 38mm caps, System is originally designed to run 8 oz. HDPE Bottles up to 200 Bottles/Minute, 3.5″ Pitch, Diameter of Valves are 24mm, Will run Bottled Water, Milk, Juice, Tea – Cold or Hot Fill, Left to Right Flow Clockwise Rotation, Operator Control Panel