Federal 15 Valve Gallon Filler with 5 Head Screw Capper

Item Type: Filler / Capper
Manufacturer: Federal
Model: 15-5
Last Use: Bottled Water
Dimensions: 8 x 6 x 7
Condition: Good

Product Inquire


15 Valve Monoblock All S/S Rotary Bottle Filler/Capper w/ 5 Station Rotary Capping Head for 38mm screw caps, System is originally designed to run gallons every valve at 75 Bottles/Minute, Control Panel for Raise/Lower Bowl and Capper controls, Cap Hopper and Shute Included, Change Parts for One Gallon Dairy Style HDPE Bottle, Will run Bottled Water, Juice, Tea – Cold or Hot Fill, Includes CIP Rings, Right to Left Machine available – Counterclockwise Rotation of Filler Bowl