Douglas Model Invex 3 Station Intermittent Motion Tray Packer or Wrap Around Packer

Item Type: Tray Packer or Wrap Around Packer
Manufacturer: Douglas
Model: Invex
Serial: M112025
Year: 2013
Last Use: Co-Packer
Dimensions: 25 feet long x 8 feet wide

Product Inquire


Unit will run as a intermittent motion tray packer or wrap around case packer for PET or Can Product, Max Speeds up to 30 Cases/Minute, Infeed/Discharge height of 39 inches, Horizontal Style Magazine, Lexan Guarded Doors with Safety Switches, Stainless Steel Control Panel with Allen Bradley Contrologix PLC with Panelview 1000 Operator touchscreen, Nordson ProBlue 10 Glue Systems, 460 Volts, 3 Phase, 60 HZ, Lincoln Central Lubrication