DCI 6,000 Gallon Vertical Insulated Stainless Steel Tank with Heat Panels

Item Type: Tank
Manufacturer: DCI
Model Number: 6000 Gallons
Serial Number: MS0582
Year: 2010
Last Use: Beverage
Dimensions: 109″ Diameter x 213″ Overall Height

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Built in 2010, Features (2) 24″ x 48″ Chromolox Heat Panels with Thermostat to maintain product at 85ºF to 120ºF providing 1150 Watts per Panel, 480 Voltage, Stainless Steel Construction, Insulated, Side Manhole, Dual CIP Sprayball, Last used in a Beverage Plant, Last storing Corn Syrup, See PDF Drawing below for more details

Download PDF Drawing