Crown 50 Valve Filler with Zalkin 12 Head Capper

Item Type: Filler / Capper
Manufacturer: Crown-Zalkin
Model: 50-12
Serial: Filler 50-277
Last Use: Soft Drink
Dimensions: 10x8x9

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50 Valve Filler with 12 Head Cap in Head Capper for 28mm Plastic Caps, Stainless Steel Bowl, Zalkin Feed Hopper and Cap Chute, Includes Zalkin Cap Feeder Blower and Stainless Steel Lincoln Lube Panel, Lexan Guarding Around Machine, Updated Allen Bradley PLC Controls, Last ran 1L at 200 BPM, $60,000 in rebuild in last 2 years, Automatic Bowl Height Adjustment, 4 inch pitch between valves