Crown 40 Valve Can Filler with Angelus 61H Seamer with Stainless Steel Frame

Item Type: Can Filler
Manufacturer: Crown – Angelus
Model: Uniblend 40 – 61H
Last Use: Soft Drink, Coffee, Cider
Dimensions: 15x7x8
Condition: Very Good

Product Inquire


Last ran coffee style drinks on 12oz. Sleek cans at 300 cans per minute, Fully Rebuilt prior to previous service, Filler and Seamer have been well maintained, Currently setup for Sleek Cans with 202 lid, Chucks and rolls in good shape, Control Panel with Allen Bradley MicroLogix PLC, Lubrication Panel included, Seamer has operator control station, Setup includes a Barry Wehmiller Automatic Rotofeeder Lid Fed System for the Can Lids, Includes NEW Stainless Steel Base Frame