Complete Hot Fill Juice Bottling Line for 32oz, 59.5oz, 64oz. PET Bottles

Item Type: Complete Hot Fill PET Line
Manufacturer: Sentry, US Bottlers, GC Evans, Krones, Fuji, Kisters, PAI, Wulftec, Sacmi
Last Use: 32oz. Round Bottles, 59.5oz Rectangular Bottles, 64oz. Round Bottles
Dimensions: Available upon request
Condition: Very Good

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Last ran December 2018 – Still installed till May 2019 Bottles Sizes Last Ran are 32oz Round with 43mm cap at 350 BPM, 59.5oz Rectangular with 43mm cap at 200 BPM, and 64oz Round with 43mm cap at 200 BPM

Machines include the following: 
Sentry Bulk Bottle High Level Depalletizer 
Sentry Pressure-Less Single Filer Combiner 
4.5″ Empty Bottle Conveyor 
Sentry Stainless Steel Lowerator
US Bottlers 60-42-14 Rinser, Filler, Capper Triblock
APV HTST Pasteurization System
Sentry Laydown Cap Sterilizer Conveyor
Heuft Inspection System
Peco Fill Height Detector
GC Evans 10 x 60 Stainless Steel Cooling Tunnel
15″ Matte Top Conveyor
7 x 20 Bi-Directional Accumulation Table
(2) Pressure-Less Single Filer Combiners
PE Futura Cold Glue Labeler
Sacmi 24 Station Roll Fed Labeler
2012 Fuji Full Body Sleeve Labeler with Steam Tunnel
Kister Kayat Wraparound Case Packer
Sentry 150 Feet of Case Conveyor
PAI 4500 Case Palletizer
Wulftec WCRT-125 Automatic Pallet Wrapper