Line last ran 16oz. Glass Bottles of Tea/Juices, Good Condition, Available for Immediate Removal
Some Components as new as 2018

Main Components Include:
Sentry Bulk High Level Depalletizer
Sentry Pressure Less Single Filer Combiner
Sentry 4.5″ Empty Bottle Conveyor
Sentry Lowerator Gripper Rinser (Ionized Air)
Steam Preheat Tunnel
US Bottlers 72 Valve Pressure Gravity Filler
Anchor Hocking Inline Metal Lug Capper
Sentry Camel Hump Cap Sterilizer
GC Evans 8 x 72 Stainless Steel Cooling Tunnel
Sentry 8 x 30 Bi-Directional Accumulation Table
Krones Prontomodul Cut and Stack Rotary Labeler
Heuft Inspection Units
Douglas Traypacker
Douglas Shrink Wrapper
Jones Meridian Beverage Cartoner
Ryson Spiral Case Elevator
PAI Case Palletizer
Orion Rotary Arm Pallet Stretch Wrapper
Interconnecting Bottle and Case Conveyors
APV Plate and Frame Pasteurizer System with Controls
All Motor Control Panels with Allen Bradley PLC and PowerFlex VFD Drives