Combi Brew Pack 6 Pack Erector and Stuffer – New 2018

Item Type: 6 Pack Erector and Stuffer
Manufacturer: Combi Packaging
Model Number: Brewpack EZB
Serial Number: EZB 541352
Year: 2018
Last Use: Glass Bottles
Dimensions: 12 Feet long x 6 feet wide

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New in 2018 – Excellent Condition
Last used in a Bottle Decorating Plant (12oz. Glass Bottles) for Erecting 6 Packs and Stuffing into a Case
Speeds up to 5 Cases/Minute (20 Carriers/Minute)
Excellent Condition
Allen Bradley PLC Controls
240 Volts, 3PH, 60HZ
Case Infeed/Discharge Elevation – 23 Inches

Download PDF Spec Sheet / Layout Drawing