CFT 20 Valve Rotary Canning Line for Beverages – New 2020

Item Type: Complete Can Line
Manufacturer: Palmer, CFT, Filtec, Domino, Unipak, Arpac, Sleeve Seal
Size: 200 Cans/Minute
Year: Mostly 2018 to 2020
Last Use: Brewery, RTD Beverages
Dimensions: Various

Product Inquire


Very Good Condition and Operational Complete Canning Line for Sale
Last Running 200ml, 250ml, 355 ml sleek / 200 and 202 CDL ends up to 200 cans/minute
Alcohol and Non-Alcohol, Carbonated, and Nitrogen Dosed Products
Immediately Available

Equipment Includes the Following:
2018 Palmer High Level Depalletizer (SS Construction)
(4) Twist Can Rinsers with Ionized Air
2020 CFT MicroBrew 20 Head Can Filler with 4 Head Seamer
2018 Filtec 3G Fill Height Detector
Domino Laser Coder
UniPak 3 Zone Tunnel Pasteurizer
2020 Sleeve Seal SSL 250 Sleeve Labeler with Heat Tunnel
2019 Arpac EL-220 Automatic Tray Packer
Secondary Arpac Cartoner Available
Interconnecting Conveyors and Controls