CFR 158 Cubic Foot Ribbon Blender – 316SS – Never Used

Item Type: Stainless Steel Tank
Manufacturer: CFR
Model Number: Ribbon Blender
Serial Number: 11913-0000
Year: 2007 – Never Used
Last Use: Food
Dimensions: 180 Inches long x 56 Inches wide x 111 Inches tall

Product Inquire


Purchased new in 2007 – Never Used in Production
316 Stainless Steel Construction
Single Shaft Horizontal Blender
ASME 300ºF 150 PSI, 4 Zone Steam Jacket
Carbon/Ceramic Face Seals with CIP Feature
Closed Top with 2 CIP Sprayballs
Hinged Access Covers with Counter Weight
Removable Bar Grates under covers
Interior Surfaces are Ground and Polished #4 Finish with Radius Corners, USDA Approved
Exterior Surfaces are Polished Outer Wrap with Welds Color Cleaned
Blender Ends #3 Polish
Scraper Blades on Ribbon Attachment

Download PDF Layout Drawing