Carlton Helical Inline Ionized Air Rinser

Item Type: Air Rinser
Manufacturer: Carlton Helical
Type: Ionized Air Rinser
Model: 084-431-F2SS-4250
Serial: 1012638
Year: 2008
Dimensions: Approx. 6 feet long x 3 feet wide x 5 feet tall

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The Ionized Air Rinser is designed to integrate into packaging lines for glass, plastic, metal or fiber containers. The System utilizes the HP Invertor/Revertor System to rotate containers over an Ionized Air/Vacuum Assembly. By supplying clean dry compressed air to the ionized air nozzles, it produces a turbulent airflow that pulls the debris towards the vacuum and ionizing nozzles. Removing the filter bag and replacing it with a new bag will eliminate debris that may collect in the filter. Some of the key components include stainless steel tubular frame construction with locating pins for quick and easy changeover of the HP Invertor/Revertor Assemblies. AC Sew Eurodrive motors that can be matched for specific applications are utilized. The electrical box is NEMA 4 rated for our standard, but other NEMA ratings can be used according to specifications. The Ionized Air Rinser can be wired to 230 or 460 VAC or whatever voltage is necessary.The control wiring is simply 110 VAC.

Last running 8oz. and 12oz. HDPE Juice Bottles