Apex Filling Systems 4 Head Automatic Liquid Filler – Year 2020

Item Type: Filler
Manufacturer: Apex Filing Systems
Model: 4 Head Inline
Serial: 3747-PF-01
Year: 2020
Last Use: Soups and Sauces
Dimensions: 10 x 4 x 8
Condition: Excellent

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This Apex fill line was purchased in 2020 to help fulfill orders for a client. Delivered and installed in early 2021. Used the line for odds-and-ends projects – 8 production runs over the past 2 years. Originally used to fill soup in 64oz glass jars, however after that business disappeared we used it to fill BBQ sauce, Chutneys, and other various water-thin products in containers ranging from 64 oz to 4 oz.

Lines are cleaned and cleared and are stored in a corner of the production floor. It is a standalone unit requiring 90 psi and 240v power

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