Alliance 15 and 24 inch matte top conveyor for bottles or cans

Item Type: Bottle and Can Conveyor
Manufacturer: Alliance
Model: 15″ and 24″ Plastic Chain
Year: 2004
Last Use: .5L, 20oz. PET Bottles
Dimensions: Various – See description below
Condition: Good

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Year 2004, Last running .5L and 20oz. PET Bottles up to 800 BPM, Stainless Steel Construction with Plastic Matte Chain, Includes 90º curves, dynamic inline transfers with motors, slow down modules, pressure less combiners, this lot discharged from the high speed bottle filler down to the accumulation table, splitting to 4.5″ single file to (2) Labelers and then back to mass accumulation to packaging area. Large assortment of inline transfers for mass accumulation, Bi-Directional accumulation tables available at extra costs, Includes approximately 300 feet of conveyor from 15″ and 24″ matte with some 4.5″ single file as well. Legs/Chain are included.